Demo Content

Once the required plugins are activated, you are ready to install one of predefined demo content. Installing a demo provides pages, posts, menus, images, theme options, widgets and more. 

IMPORTANT: The included plugins need to be installed and activated before you install a demo. Please check the "System Status" tab to ensure your server meets all requirements for a successful import. Settings that need attention will be listed in red.


  1. Go to Fastor -> Install Demos tab
  2. Select one of the listed skins and check install options

  3. Confirm installation by clicking Yes button
  4. Wait until all actions will be completed. It may take even several minutes*
  5. Once installation is finished your site should look like selected demo presented here

* If you have problem with correct demo installation, check your php.ini config. You should increase max_execution_time and memory_limit settings.